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Dreamy Silk Sleep Mask

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Darker nights lead to sexier mornings. If you're not getting down and dirty under the covers you should be getting your beauty sleep. 

There are two things your bedroom is designed for - having sex and sleeping. Bring old school glamour to your bedroom with our Dreamy Silk Sleep Mask and go deep, then deeper. After all, deep sleep is when the naughtiest dreams live. 

 The Dirty Deets:

  • Better sleep means better sex. Your hot bod needs 7-8 hours a night to regulate its hormones for optimum sexual health.
  • That sleep deprived look isn't sexy -- pamper and protect the delicate skin around your eyes and prevent morning puffiness.
  • Darker than a blindfold. Blocks all light, including blue light from phones when those late night sexts come rolling in. 

The Good-to-Know Deets:

  • 100% silk
  • Black or Blush
  • Handwash in cold water with mild soap, lay flat to dry 

Double the Clean Fun:

Want to sleep better? Have more sex. Increased sleep helps your sex drive. Stash a bottle of our water-based luxury personal lubricant Lip Gloss in your bedside table.

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Just as it was described! Felt like a movie star