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Let's Play Fun Kit

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Commitment not your thing? Let's Play Fun Kit isn't looking for a ring either. 

I’m sample size if you’re not ready for my big package just yet. My gloss is clean and naturally moisturizing. I come with two easy-to-open condoms too. Excellent for co-isolators. Solo? Save me for that special occasion and all the magical dates and beach weekends to come.

The Dirty Deets:

  • Perfect, get-to-know-each-other size.
  • I arrive with 3 besties: 2 premium latex condoms and a naturally moisturizing lubricant (1 oz Lip Gloss).
  • Save me for special occasions – for those magical weekend getaways and that hotel around the corner.
  • I’m clean, chic and proud. Are you ready to roll and say no to added nasties.
  • Because, what else should we do during (co)isolation?

 The Good-to-Know Deets:

  • Let’s Play Fun Kit includes 2 premium latex condoms and one 1 oz travel-sized water-based lubricant (Lip Gloss)
  • No added nasties
  • Made in Malaysia and the US
  • Made for play

Double the clean fun

Hot date checklist: condoms for safe sex? Check. Natural, moisturizing lube for extra fun? Check. Playlist to set the mood? Check. What else… Ooh, Light Me Up Soy Wax Candle. Check!

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