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Our Story

Female sexuality is spiritual, messy, poetic, non-conformist, intelligent, mysterious and powerful.  Yet we’re taught from an early age not to talk about it and not to question sexual health products that are made with harmful chemicals and sold in garish packaging. 
The Stay Sexy community is flipping the taboo.  We believe women should see themselves in their sexual health products.  That means producing products with the highest quality ingredients and beautiful packaging, products you can display on your nightstand or any room in your house, luxury products for the everyday goddess.  
Join us.  Flip the taboo, and not just in your bedroom, or the boardroom, but your entire life.  Because every piece of your life should be a beautiful, sexy experience.
Here you’ll find products inspired by the women who use them – women who own their sexuality and are empowered to find freedom and pleasure in all they do.  So be sexy.  Get dirty.  Play.  Have that existential experience.  Be divine.  Love your lover.  Love your friends.  Love yourself.
Alyssa and Megan