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Clean and Chic Condoms 10 pack buttercup-packaging-spread-out-black-product-pouch

Clean and Chic Condoms (10-pack)

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"I think we must all remember that the ultimate accessory is the condom." Lady Gaga

Tear me open. Our buttercup packaging is fuss-free and made for rough play. It would never kill the vibe. You can tumble into bed, get lost in the sheets and explore each other’s maps to paradise with zero chance of condom fumbling spoiling your moment of intimacy.

But that’s not all. They’re also clean and chic. So you can get dirty without irritating your intimate bits. We suggest you always keep them close. Throw them in your bag, tuck them into your nightside table or kitchen drawer. Because your sexual health products should be as beautiful as the sex you’re having.

The Dirty Deets:

  • Unlike the pill, the only mood condoms put you in is your 100% beautiful self.
  • Smart is sexy, healthy is sexy – condoms prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
  • Dressed in a chic, easy-to-open buttercup packaging our condoms don’t rip upon opening and make sure you always slip them on the right way.
  • They’re smooth like Sinatra’s voice and have Herculean strength. They’re thin too but we don’t have a catchy analogy for that.
  • Practically odor-free. So you can get lost in the scent of your lover.

  The Good-to-Know Deets:

  • Ten premium 100% latex condoms
  • No-tear buttercup packaging
  • No nasties (harmful chemicals, spermicides, fragrances or hormones)
  • FDA approved and safety tested
  • Made in Malaysia

Double the Clean Fun:

Did you know that lubricating a condom before sex decreases its chance of breakage?

Use our clean and chic condoms with our natural and water-based Lip Gloss lubricant. Ride of your life guaranteed.

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