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Give Pleasure for Pleasure's Sake

Hey, Sexy. Since when did sex become such a chore?  Or pleasure something we take turns at experiencing?  Bah humbug. Get into giving.  Really get into it.   We're talking deep soulful kisses.  Enthusiastic oral sex with lots of tongue and spit (lube works too).  Handwritten love notes on beautiful stationery that say lovely, naughty things.   Genuinely giving your partner pleasure for pleasure's sake is a game-changer.  Want to feel sexier?  You will.  Connect with your lover?  Intensely.  Giving releases all sorts of fun neurochemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.  According to Psychology Today, it's the ultimate happiness cocktail!   We reject the under-appreciated, over-worked martyr who gives and gives until she resents and resents more.  And we have no pity for the...

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Gratitude is Sexy

Happy Thanksgiving, Sexy! A simple and elegant way to build intimacy is through gratitude and appreciation. Tell your lover what you appreciate about them and get specific.  Is it their cheeky humor or love of bad jokes?  The way they kiss your neck in just the right spot?  Please. Ever tell yourself how amazing you are?  How much you love your body and the pleasure it gives you?  Appreciate the scars and stretch marks and all your lovely imperfections? Thank you. We are grateful for you.  The messy, poetic, non-conformist, intelligent, mysterious, powerful and sexy you.  On your knees. Yeah, 2020 is a hard teacher.  Grateful for the pleasure?  Be grateful for the pain.  For the confidence and the fear.  For...

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Crowning & Cocktailing

Season 4 of The Crown is getting us all hot and bothered.  Charles and Di.  Camilla, plotting and smoking.  Princess Margaret with her boy toy and breakdowns.  But it's GIllian Anderson as the steely Margaret Thatcher who makes us want to stay up waaayyyy past our bedtimes. We are celebrating Thanksgiving Eve with a cocktail and a soapy, sexy Netflix date with our royal friends.  Megantini - festive cranberry-infused martini originally crafted by the one and only cocktail queen Ina Garten. Alyssa's Classic Manhattan - to the point with a cherry on top. Made with Maker's Mark and sweet vermouth.  Sweet and sultry.  Let the guilty pleasures roll.... Cheers! Megan & Alyssa

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In Defense of the Drunken Text

Let the holiday texting season begin!  Thanksgiving Eve is one of the sexiest nights of the year.  But alas, this time around we have a curfew and no kissing allowed.   We commiserate.  And we want to make you laugh, while you sit in your pajamas.  Drinking wine.  On your sofa.   You know what happens next…. Here are three tips to make your drunken, regrettable texts go right: 1) Why have a glass of wine when a bottle can make all the difference?  Take Hey to Send nudes in 30 minutes or less.  2) Put on a lacy blindfold and text Who wants this tonight???? with said pic to 50 people in a group text.  First one to respond wins. 3) Received that predictable Happy Thanksgiving! Or How are you? text from that shady Ghost...

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Omelets and Orgasms

"Learn how to cook a fucking omelet.... I mean, what nicer thing could you do for somebody than make them breakfast.  You look good doing it and its a nice thing to do for somebody you just had sex with.  It's good for the world." Anthony Bourdain made us hungry.   He taught us that lust is not a sin.  That like sex, food is PLEASURE and ADVENTURE and POWER.  Omelets and Orgasms is our new favorite holiday pairing.  What's yours? 🖤 A post-sex omelet with our lace blindfold  that doubles as an impromptu hair tie 🖤 Spicy Chinese noodles and dim-sum takeout with The Fire Starter  tucked away in a nearby kitchen drawer 🖤 Late nite pizza, bunny ears and a trench coat, because threesomes can...

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