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The Art of Kissing

First kiss French kiss Air kiss Platonic kiss Below the belt kiss ;) Stolen kiss Butterfly kiss Bite the lip kiss Eskimo kiss Back of the neck kiss Back of the limo kiss So many kisses, so little time....  What's your favorite kiss?? We're partial to the Lip Gloss kiss. MUAH! Megan & Alyssa "Two words.  Eight letters.  Say it and I'm yours." Blair "Lip Gloss." Chuck

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Long Live the Sex Kitten

Hey, Sexy.   Meet Christmas Kitty.  She's saucy and a little bit naughty.  She'll chase that creepy old Elf on Shelf away! Inspired by Megan's very own gorgeous Christmas the Cat, pictured above, Christmas Kitty is Stay Sexy's official holiday mascot.  Sensual, independent, mysterious and emotionally unavailable.  C'est si bon!   Beware, ladies and gents, this kitty does what she wants, when she wants.  She is a Capricorn after all.  She may love you.  She may try to eat you....  ;) Embrace your inner sex kitten with our ultra feminine Lace Cat Ears.  The sex appeal is undeniable (see And God Created Woman).  We're conjuring the original sex kittens - Brigitte Bardot, Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross and Ann-Margaret in Kitten with a Whip (below). Want more?...

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The Modern Threesome - Pleasure to the Power of Three

Once taboo, having a threesome is now one of the top fantasies for men AND women. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was 2008, after all! Thinking about it?  You’re not alone.  According to a recent Women’s Health survey, 82% of women said they would be willing to explore having a threesome and 24% said they had participated in one.  Wild and hungry for new experiences in 2021? Today’s threesomes require a certain level of self-esteem and empowerment of all partners. Take Your Pleasure to the Power of Three It’s about cultivating pleasure, exploration and inclusivity.  Let it be indulgent and exciting.  Ready for your threesome?  Grab your essentials and follow our tips on how to have the hottest night of your life: Let curiosity and excitement...

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Girls Who Kiss Girls

Hey, Sexy. Who hasn't had a crush on a girl??  Silky hair, soft skin, 🍒 chapstick...  Women smell good, feel good and taste good.  We ARE the fairer sex so why wouldn't we be attracted to each other?  The curves and beauty of a woman's body have been celebrated since the beginning of time.  The vast majority of women enjoy some form of same-sex attraction (it's normal).  Have you ever fantasized about another woman and what it would be like to kiss her?  Flirted with another woman?   If you're interested (a little bit or a lot) in exploring with another woman but don't know how to get started, here are our top tips: Have Fun... Put on that beautiful silky...

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"Santa saw the things we did/ Underneath the mistletoe/We were supposed to take it slow/Baby you’re my favorite gift/Now we’re on the naughty list.” Liam Payne and Dixie D'Amelio put us in the holiday mood!!!   Here's our playlist for this holiday: Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby (Kylie Minogue' version kills it too) Baby it's Cold Outside sung by Al Hirt and Ann-Margaret Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith Christmas Tree by the Queen of Condoms, Lady Gaga I'll Be Your Santa, Baby by Rufus Thomas Last Christmas by Wham! John Legend's Bring Me Love Santa Clause Got Stuck In My Chimney by Ella Fitzgerald Santa Clause Is Back In Town by...

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