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What's Your Type?

Good men and bad boys

Hey, Sexy.  

Let’s celebrate MEN.  Because we love them.  All of them.  

In celebration of the sexiest men we know, here are four types of men we love to love and love to hate, and then love some more. ;) 

The Playboy Manchild

Every bartender knows his name.  Wears lots of Tom Ford.  Loves to be naked and bask in his own glory.  Where to find him – a dive bar “with the people”


The Brawny Woodsman

He’ll mow your lawn and grill you a steak. Drives a big truck. Wears Old Spice. Knows how to swing an axe.  Where to find him – mountain cabins, firehouses, yoga studios


The Deal Maker

Business in the front, party in the back.  He’s competitive and hard on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.  Very, very deep down inside.  Where to find him – an airport


The Rake

Not into small talk; he's got issues.  Knows how to make his way around the marital bed and the dance floor.  Is it toxic masculinity in an elegant package or pure, hot swagger?  Where to find him – other people’s family dinners 


What do we find sexy in a man??

Confidence.  The ability to have a good time, or at least entertain us.  Sexy smells good. 

Now let's see that swagger!

Megan & Alyssa