Omelets and Orgasms

"Learn how to cook a fucking omelet....

I mean, what nicer thing could you do for somebody than make them breakfast.  You look good doing it and its a nice thing to do for somebody you just had sex with.  It's good for the world."

Anthony Bourdain made us hungry.  

He taught us that lust is not a sin.  That like sex, food is PLEASURE and ADVENTURE and POWER

Omelets and Orgasms is our new favorite holiday pairing. 

What's yours?

🖤 A post-sex omelet with our lace blindfold  that doubles as an impromptu hair tie

🖤 Spicy Chinese noodles and dim-sum takeout with The Fire Starter  tucked away in a nearby kitchen drawer

🖤 Late nite pizza, bunny ears and a trench coat, because threesomes can be just as fun as good pair ;) 

Lust is good.  

Bring your appetite,

Megan & Alyssa


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