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We Love a Good Package!!

What's your condom story??  We all have a couple in our back pocket. ;)

Condoms that are difficult to open not only kill the vibe but have a higher risk of tearing the condom when opening, which can put you and your mate at higher risk for STDs and pregnancy. 

That's why we chose to package our Clean and Chic Condoms in these sexy little buttercups that are easy to open and reduce any chances of tearing and vibe killing. 

Kinda special, if we do say so ourselves.  Take a look:

Save your teeth for other things,

Megan & Alyssa

P.S. -- No harmful chemicals, fragrances, spermicides, hormones or condom fumbling allowed!!

P.S.S. -- As Lady Gaga says, the condom is the "ultimate accessory."  Ladies, you may conceal but always carry.  Gents, we love Clean and Chic Condoms on the nightstand but we love you wearing them more. ;)