Long Live the Sex Kitten

Hey, Sexy.  

Meet Christmas Kitty.  She's saucy and a little bit naughty.  She'll chase that creepy old Elf on Shelf away!

Inspired by Megan's very own gorgeous Christmas the Cat, pictured above, Christmas Kitty is Stay Sexy's official holiday mascot.  Sensual, independent, mysterious and emotionally unavailable.  C'est si bon!  

Beware, ladies and gents, this kitty does what she wants, when she wants.  She is a Capricorn after all.  She may love you.  She may try to eat you....  ;)

Embrace your inner sex kitten with our ultra feminine Lace Cat Ears.  The sex appeal is undeniable (see And God Created Woman). 


We're conjuring the original sex kittens - Brigitte Bardot, Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross and Ann-Margaret in Kitten with a Whip (below).


Want more? Neal Umphred dives into the history of the sex kitten in film and pop culture with his peice on Medium titled, Where Have All the Sex Kittens Gone.  It's gallery of pulp covers like this one is inspiring. ;)


Besides, who needs one life when you can have nine amazing sexy lives?

We're purring already,

Megan & Alyssa

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