In Defense of the Drunken Text

Let the holiday texting season begin!  Thanksgiving Eve is one of the sexiest nights of the year.  But alas, this time around we have a curfew and no kissing allowed.  

We commiserate.  And we want to make you laugh, while you sit in your pajamas.  Drinking wine.  On your sofa.  


You know what happens next….

Here are three tips to make your drunken, regrettable texts go right:

1) Why have a glass of wine when a bottle can make all the difference?  Take Hey to Send nudes in 30 minutes or less. 

2) Put on a lacy blindfold and text Who wants this tonight???? with said pic to 50 people in a group text.  First one to respond wins.

3) Received that predictable Happy Thanksgiving! Or How are you? text from that shady Ghost of Thanksgiving Past?  Send 'em back a real headscratcher, such as, In a wort-cutting class, chat later.  


Of course we’re kidding. ;)

The holidays bring out the best and worst in us.  And as great as the rush is when texting or sexting with a crush is, there is a dark side.  We can’t read the tone.  We can’t hear the voice.  What do they really mean?  Break ups, cheating, ghosting, illicit Venmo history searches….  The agony is real.

What’s the best or worst text you’ve received?  OMG text you’ve sent?  

Our advice?  If you’re gonna do it, go out with a bang.

Bang bang bang,

Megan & Alyssa

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