How to Have Sex Using a Condom and F-ing Love It

Oh the condom.  We know slapping one on is the right thing to do but most times we're ambivalent, love 'em or leave 'em.  Until that one time we didn't use one and we realize how fucked we really could be.... 

It's time to fall in love with the condom and make it your obedient servant. :)

Let's start by making the act of putting one on sexy as hell.  Take charge.  Then relax knowing you can just enjoy the moment instead of thinking about all those crappy STDs lurking out there or that oops baby you definitely don't want.  

Here are five tricks to try that will enhance your pleasure and your partner's:

1) Use lube. Condoms create more friction than skin-on-skin.  Lube reduces the friction and makes everything sexy and smooth.  Plus lube is fun.  Lots of fun.  Put a few drops on the head of the penis and before putting the condom on.  Your man will love it. 

2) Flip the taboo.  Have your condoms at the ready in your purse or bedside table.  You're in charge.  Tell him to lay back while you get the job done.  That may or may not include some ball play.


3) Make the act of putting on the condom foreplay.  Get into it.  Sit on his chest facing his cock and do it for him while giving him the million dollar view.  For the bold its a perfect time to try a little 69 action.

4) Condoms can help him last longer -- yay!  High friction positions like Doggy Style and Side-by-Side can help stimulate his pleasure.  Both positions allow for deep penetration and G-spot stim.


5) Women don't always enjoy their partner using a condom because they prefer the intimacy and pleasure of skin-on-skin contact.  Lie back and rest your legs on your partner's shoulders so he's facing you.  This makes for a snug fit and eye contact.  As an added bene for you both you can pleasure yourself while he watches. 

Of course none of this is possible without one magic ingredient -- lube!  And more lube!

More Glove More Love!!

Megan & Alyssa

PS -- The Pull Out Method is NOT -- NOT!!! -- birth control.  Just ask your pregnant friend.


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