Give Pleasure for Pleasure's Sake

Hey, Sexy.

Since when did sex become such a chore?  Or pleasure something we take turns at experiencing?  Bah humbug.

Get into giving.  Really get into it.  

We're talking deep soulful kisses.  Enthusiastic oral sex with lots of tongue and spit (lube works too).  Handwritten love notes on beautiful stationery that say lovely, naughty things.  

Genuinely giving your partner pleasure for pleasure's sake is a game-changer.  Want to feel sexier?  You will.  Connect with your lover?  Intensely. 

Giving releases all sorts of fun neurochemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.  According to Psychology Today, it's the ultimate happiness cocktail!  

We reject the under-appreciated, over-worked martyr who gives and gives until she resents and resents more.  And we have no pity for the wine (whine) women who think a bottle of Kim Crawford in their Starbucks traveler will kill their self-created boredom.  Bah humbug all year round!

What's the antidote?  Get down with pleasure.  Give into it.  Be its instrument.  Feel its power.  Get off in their ecstasy.  Try the spontaneous hand job or massage.  Bring them coffee. Tell them they are the sexiest creature alive and you want nothing more than to taste every part of them.

How we give pleasure matters.  Joy comes from giving with nothing expected in return, when there's no quid pro quo and there's nothing to prove.  Otherwise sex may be just another transaction this holiday....

You're better than that.  Put a bow on it.  Give it good. 

You're Britney, bitch!

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Megan & Alyssa

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