Girls Who Kiss Girls

Hey, Sexy.

Who hasn't had a crush on a girl?? 

Silky hair, soft skin, 🍒 chapstick...  Women smell good, feel good and taste good. 

We ARE the fairer sex so why wouldn't we be attracted to each other?  The curves and beauty of a woman's body have been celebrated since the beginning of time. 

The vast majority of women enjoy some form of same-sex attraction (it's normal).  Have you ever fantasized about another woman and what it would be like to kiss her?  Flirted with another woman?  

If you're interested (a little bit or a lot) in exploring with another woman but don't know how to get started, here are our top tips:

Have Fun...

Put on that beautiful silky slip, that lacy robe and relax.  Get into feeling sexy and glamorous.  Pour a glass of champagne and turn on The L Word or one of these movies that will make the straightest woman yearn to be with a woman. 

We are completely obsessed with the glamorous lives and love affairs of The L Word and definitely crushing on Shane and Bette. 

Let's Play...

Keep sipping that champagne and let your mind wander.  What happens in your fantasy?  A smile and a glance across the bar?  A hand that makes its way to your thigh?  Does it start with just a kiss?  What happens next? Go with it.  It's your fantasy and you're in control.


Be Creative...

So now what?!  Maybe you’ve never been with a woman but decide you're definitely bi-curious.  Know that most of the women you see and know are too! To what level you want to explore this curiosity is up to you. 

Be open.  Pop some bottles over brunch with your girlfriends if it helps loosen you up, and when the conversation turns to sex announce that you think you want to kiss a girl. Who knows, your hot friend across the table might be thinking the same thing.


Feeling adventurous?  Go solo or snag your best friend and head to a gay/lesbian bar.  Just go have fun and see what happens. Create an alter ego that lets you feel free to explore....  

Can't wait to hear what happens next!


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