Five Tips to Tap Your Feminine Energy

Rembrandt's Bathsheba (1654) captures the opulence of a woman's body as she prepares for her bath.  Her home at the Louvre describes Bathsheba as the embodiment of sadness and sensuality.

Perhaps that's how we all feel right now?? This Age of Anxiety we are living in is permeated by a sadness we can't seem to escape.  Biblical times.  What's a girl to do? 

Tapping into your feminine power can be massively empowering.  Feminine energy is graceful, playful, fun, creative, sexy, goes with the flow, mysterious, receptive, intuitive. Feminine energy is about feelings and emotions.  

Tip Number One - Get in touch with your desire.

Feminine power yearns to create a life that is an expression of who we are. Now we’re talking about the juicy stuff: love, intimacy, relationships, collaboration, transformation, evolution. It’s pretty fierce. A few questions to ask yourself that will ignite your feminine power are, What’s my purpose? What’s my creative potential? How can I change the world?  Ask yourself these questions and then be still. Listen to what’s within. That’s really hard because we’re taught to hustle and take action, be a boss - which we do in business all the time, and yet the feminine is most powerful in being, not doing.

Tip Number Two - Get out of your head and into your body.

Embrace what you and others have rejected. Feminine power is in the body, not the mind.  The body doesn’t rationalize, intellectualize and its never too busy.  So move it – yoga, dance, a hike – and have fun! And honor your body. Appreciate your body’s magic and its capacity for pleasure.

Tip Number Three – Engage your senses.

This can be as simple  and easy as going to a restaurant and ordering something you haven’t tried before, and really tasting each bite. Or walking through Saks and trying on different scents to see and feel how each fragrance works with your own scent and chemistry. Or pick out some beautiful lingerie that feels amazing on your skin and wear it every day. See how it makes you feel. Get out of the familiar and dip your toe in the unknown. It will change your mindset.

Tip Number Four - Spend time with your girlfriends.

Feminine power is also about connecting to other women and creating space and a culture that empowers women.  When we emotionally bond with other women we mirror each other's feminine power and discover new ways to nurture that flame within ourselves.  Yes, this includes Zoom happy hours.

Tip Number Five - Stop compromising.

Say no to things you don't want or people who drain you of your power. You don’t have to have a reason. Say yes to yourself and your value. It can feel a little dangerous and risky, but there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman who knows herself.


Need tactical support? Pick up Deborah Hanekamp's Ritual Baths: Be Your Own Healer, which artfully explores the power of the bathing ritual.  

Deborah's rituals are based around aura colors and natural elements that evoke all the senses.  Since this is a time to be ultra compassionate to ourselves and others, we've chosen the green Mercury Retrograde Forgiveness Bath to help combat anxiety, depression, and harness our feminine power to heal from within.

These baths are gorgeous, dramatic, sexy and energizing -- just like you. ;)

 Mercury Retrograde Forgiveness Bath 


A pot of nettle tea 🖤 10 drops of sweet orange and 5 drops of cedarwood essential oils 🖤 a handful of ivy leaves 🖤 labradorite crystal


  • Place all the ingredients in the bath at a temperature of your choosing. 
  • Cover yourself in some kind of earth (like a bentonite clay body mask).
  • Create a smudge using white sage.  Waft the smoke around your body.
  • Step into the bath and dunk your head under water.
  • Place the labradorite crystal on your heart center.
  • Close your eyes.
  • In your mind's eye, run through all the people in your life whose actions have hurt you.  Who are you ready to forgive?  Try to understand where they are coming from and why they hurt you.  Have compassion for them.  Think about what you learned from them.  Thank them for all they have taught you, and then let them go into love.  Forgive them.  Forgive yourself for needing to experience so much pain in order to learn these lessons. 
  • Breathe deeply and invite in any revelations you are needing at this time. 
  • Sit and soak in the medicine of forgiveness that you've created.  

Long Exhale,

Alyssa & Megan

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