Erotic Blooms - Your Garden of Eden

Hey, Sexy.

The dewy folds of a rose, the heady scent of orange blossoms, the surprise taste of honeysuckle....  Eve knew how her garden grew.  

Ancient Chinese dynasties used the blooming lotus to represent the heavenly vagina.  Hold that image in your root chakra next time you’re in a yoga pose and feel what happens next....

Flora and Fauna

Flowers are the sexual organs of plants.  Sensual representations of female genitalia through a female lens abound in arts and lit starting with Eve, the original femme fatale, to Shakespeare to Mapplethorpe and Janelle Monae.


Edouard Manet's Olympia 1863

Her confrontational gaze scandalized French audiences almost as much as the flowers that represent female sexuality and prostitution. Chinese brothels were also referred to as "flower markets."


Daisy Ridley as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Gertrude told the untold story of Hamlet's heroine, Ophelia. In the original play, Shakespeare depicts her physical and metaphoric deflowering, which leads to madness (of course ;).)


Part of Robert Mapplethorpe's series, Flowers, the lucid, entwined stems and fragile buds on the verge of opening make us...happy!  Tulips, two lips, lip gloss for those lips!


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Georgia O'Keefe's flowers are relentless in their color and force.  We especially love her hibiscus with that stamen OMG.  She's the epitome of a fearless, empowered artist after all.

Speaking of empowered artists, check out Janelle Monae's PYNK. She's literally blooming in the desert and it's hot. 

Get blooming, 

Megan & Alyssa

P.S. -- Stay Sexy Tip of the Morning – using a flower,  delicately trace the outlines of your eyelids, nose, lips, neck, chest, breast, nipples.  Focus your breath on the scent.  Linger to feel the skin of the petal on your skin.  Continue caressing south for full bloom. ;)

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