Change Up Your Pre-Sex Warm Up

Your mind is the sexiest thing about you.   

And it needs some stimulation these days.  It's bored....

Warm up your mind and turn your sex life up a notch.  Consider it the 20 Minute Workout for your desire. ;)  We're here to help you hit pause on work and kids and politics and push play on your own arousal. 

Arousal can start before any actual sex and make it waaaayyyy more intense.  And fun, pleasurable sex leads to more sex.  Who doesn't want more good sex???!!!

Here are three alternative ways to rev up your desire in 20 minutes or less. 

1) Tune in to Dipsea and turn yourself on. Dipsea produces sexy audio stories to fire up your imagination and get you in the mood.  Unlike traditional porn that stimulates through visual images, Dipsea uses storytelling and soundscapes for an immersive experience that taps your sense of sound and a whole different narrative.  And its app lets you customize where and when you listen. 


2) Feast on the stars.  Paris Vogue calls it "Sexy and brilliant."  O Magazine, "Wonderfully dirty."  We're talking about Sextrology, The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Starsky + Cox.  This sophisticated, audacious tome covers every sign of the zodiac, male and female, gay and straight, letting you mix and match signs to better understand your sexuality and others.  We're talking fantasies, favorite positions, erogenous zones and emotional needs.  


It helps that the writers are as hot as they sound.  Follow these former fashion insiders @starskyandcox for iconic imagery and astrology steeped in history, the arts and pop culture.

3) Flexy-sexy.  Ever been in a yoga stretch and felt the rush of arousal? Or thought that it would be a great sex position to try?  Try these five poses and think as you're holding each one about how amazing it would feel to show off your moves in the bedroom with your partner. 


What would it feel like, skin to skin?  Could you get that leg behind your head?  Relaxing and stimulating at the same time!

Twenty minutes. 

Do as En Vogue said.  Free your mind and the rest will follow.


Alyssa & Megan

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