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She's Money

Hey, Sexy.   Since when did we accept that you can be either sexy or smart?? The sexiest women we know are both. They chase their dreams (hot), stand up for what they believe in (super hot) and challenge us to think differently about what's possible (on fire). Modern day self-proclaimed fertility goddess Emily Ratajkowski has been showing off her gorgous belly in all its sexy glory on Insta. Thong bikinis never looked so good! Ceiling smasher and Hitchcock blond Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble, became the world's youngest (31) self-made woman billionaire -- with a capital B -- last week after shares soared during the company's IPO.   Her commentary got us through the election and quarantine.  Leslie Jones owns any stage with...

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Pillow Talk

How to tell your lover what you want. Hey, Sexy.   Sharing your fantasies, even likes and dislikes, can be intimidating.  We may be afraid that we'll be rejected or ashamed.  We've all been there. But the more we can express our desires, the higher both partners' satisfaction will be and the healthier the relationship. That means finding mutual vulnerability. Need a conversation starter?  Start with a compliment and keep it flirty: I really like it when you... When you kiss me hard it makes me ... When I hear this song it makes me want to... Visualization can help.  Find your fantasy on film.  Any period piece on Netflix (Bridgerton) these days will do. ;) I want to ___________ you like that. What...

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Wear Your Pearls

Hey, Sexy. Across cultures and history, pearls have adorned Maharajas and Egyptian and European queens for centuries….  Today they adorn the neck of the Vice President of the United States. Pearls send a message.  Their luster is formed by grit.  They are the power of the feminine, symbols of fertility, vulnerability, wisdom, elegance, and class.  On Vice President Harris, they also embody sisterhood; they are the new power statement. We are wearing our pearls today, in celebration of the first woman and woman of color to be elected Vice President. So layer them on everywhere and in every color.  Necklaces, earrings, rings.  Wear them as chokers, in your hair, sew them onto your boots and bustiers.  Find your power in the feminine...

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What's Your Type?

Good men and bad boys Hey, Sexy.   Let’s celebrate MEN.  Because we love them.  All of them.   In celebration of the sexiest men we know, here are four types of men we love to love and love to hate, and then love some more. ;)  The Playboy Manchild Every bartender knows his name.  Wears lots of Tom Ford.  Loves to be naked and bask in his own glory.  Where to find him – a dive bar “with the people” The Brawny Woodsman He’ll mow your lawn and grill you a steak. Drives a big truck. Wears Old Spice. Knows how to swing an axe.  Where to find him – mountain cabins, firehouses, yoga studios The Deal Maker Business in the front, party...

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Beyond the Banana - A Pre-NYE Toast to Your Vagina

For the love of fruits and veggies.... Hey, Sexy.   Why do cucumbers wear condoms?  Does pineapple make your vagina taste sweeter? What if Bananarama had a long lost sister? To ensure our sexual health is on fleek in 2021, we're ditching the booze this NYE for a frothy fruity conconction that your vagina will love (no banana needed).  Megan’s Pineapple Cucumber Detox Drink ½ cucumber organic and skin on 1 cup pineapple  ½ cup water Squeeze of lemon juice Handful of ice Optional tsp of fresh ginger  Toss it all in your blender and blend it up....  Easy like morning sex!  Cucumbers are mostly water and contain tons of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that reduce bloat and swelling. They also contain potassium,...

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