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The Inside Slip

Hey, Sexy. Our sisters at Skirt Club know how to flip the taboo on female pleasure and sexuality AND give a good spank. ;) This private, womens-only membership club caters to bi-sexual and bi-curious women by curating luxe spaces and experiences around the world for professional women to explore themselves and each other. Sound intriguing??  We recently gave the lovely and brilliant Genevieve LeJeune, CEO and Founder of Skirt Club the inside slip on femininsm, femininity and what we'd wear to a Skirt Club Signature Party. See the full interview below.  Come explore with us and find your sweet spot.... xx, Megan and Alyssa Female Founder Feature: Alyssa Crockett & Megan Bianchi, Stay SexyQ: Thank you for joining me for this chat! It's been such a pleasure getting...

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DIY Orgasm

Hey, Sexy. Looking around the house for a way to celebrate Masturbation May? Try the DIY Orgasm! It's fun, safe, easy and free (and you can do it with or without a mask.) Benefits include: Release endorphins Relieve stress, pent-up energy and tension Build your knowledge of your body and sexuality Get your mojo going Strengthen your pelvic floor a workout Need a how-to for this ultimate self-improvement? Claudio recommends these three simple DIY steps: ​1) Buy Claudio. 2) Turn him on. 3.) Blow your mind. One pink tool, so much pleasure! ;) Click here for more detailed, Claudio-approved instructions from Shape magazine.  It's Monday in May. Let's flip the taboo on female pleasure.  Work it, Megan & Alyssa

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Erotic Blooms - Your Garden of Eden

Hey, Sexy. The dewy folds of a rose, the heady scent of orange blossoms, the surprise taste of honeysuckle....  Eve knew how her garden grew.   Ancient Chinese dynasties used the blooming lotus to represent the heavenly vagina.  Hold that image in your root chakra next time you’re in a yoga pose and feel what happens next.... Flora and Fauna Flowers are the sexual organs of plants.  Sensual representations of female genitalia through a female lens abound in arts and lit starting with Eve, the original femme fatale, to Shakespeare to Mapplethorpe and Janelle Monae. Edouard Manet's Olympia 1863 Her confrontational gaze scandalized French audiences almost as much as the flowers that represent female sexuality and prostitution. Chinese brothels were also referred...

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Celebrating WOMEN

Hey, Sexy.   Today is International Women's Day and we're so excited to celebrate WOMEN!!!! Beautiful, feminine. creative, bossy women who own their sexy. Yesssssssss!!! Week 2 March Madness Challenge Sexy women have balls -- show us yours. What dreams are you chasing down this month?? Be a broad, be a bitch but DON'T be a benchwarmer! Make the first move and send us your big scary break the mold take a risk what if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life goal.  As your new accountability partners we'll send you a free Lip Gloss Mini just for sharing. ;)   Need inspiration? Check out these amazing For Women By Women business.... Own your finances -- Ellevest Own your network -- HeyMama Own your feminine care --...

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She's Money

Hey, Sexy.   Since when did we accept that you can be either sexy or smart?? The sexiest women we know are both. They chase their dreams (hot), stand up for what they believe in (super hot) and challenge us to think differently about what's possible (on fire). Modern day self-proclaimed fertility goddess Emily Ratajkowski has been showing off her gorgous belly in all its sexy glory on Insta. Thong bikinis never looked so good! Ceiling smasher and Hitchcock blond Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble, became the world's youngest (31) self-made woman billionaire -- with a capital B -- last week after shares soared during the company's IPO.   Her commentary got us through the election and quarantine.  Leslie Jones owns any stage with...

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